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Finally. we realizing the bigger vision , for a brighter future.

Proud of IBA .




    […] This cup of tea was served by: Critics, IBA […]

  2. ibaontheweb Says:

    assalam alaikum critic,

    i really admire the effort you’ve put into this blog…at IBA ON THE WEB we are looking for avid bloggers such as you who can contribute posts pertaining to the latest news and happenings at the IBA. As a contributing blogger, you can submit your entries and share your thoughts and suggestions (…complaints as well) with the rest of the student’s community at the IBA Karachi. This is an open forum for the students where you can voice your opinions in a fair and transparent manner.

    I am currently at the main campus (last semester) and am looking for contributors but unable to find active bloggers…the registration base at IBAontheWeb has grown to over 35 but most of them are passive users and there has been zero contribution from them thus far…could you please spread the word about the blog at the city campus…i’d really appreciate it…

    I would also like you would register an account (its free) and start contributing…!


  3. criticiba Says:

    i noticed that. sadly though you can seee we really arent that active now

  4. farzal Says:

    though I appreciate multiple sites for different purposes, both your writer community is small and perhaps makes the most sense to combine the blogs into 1.

  5. sadiaali807 Says:

    it’s good news for us great keep launching your newest logistics.

  6. parisajaved Says:

    he IBA offers full-time business programs both at the Main and City Campus. It also offers a variety of part-time programs at the City Campus in the evenings

  7. salmanshah1 Says:

    nice post if any one want to get printing services then visit https://www.facebook.com/MomentumMedia.pk

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