Liked what they did. they asked one of the leading brand management teachers a very interesting question . very much in tune to the website. beautiful if i must say.

“open quotes*
Where do you see IBA today and what may be done to improve it further?

Let me refer to the ‘Law of Consistency of Brands’ which explains that a brand is not built overnight. It takes years before an image is harnessed into the minds of the target market. IBA, unlike the past, has several competitors; LUMS, CBM and Aga Khan Management Sciences from next year. Accept it or not, HEC rates LUMS slightly ahead of IBA. Aga Khan has an excellent reputation. Once it enters the market, IBA may be viewed at no. 3. In isolation it is a well-integrated brand and ratings are so far only marginally higher for others. The law of consistency is clearly visible. If you talk to the corporate sector, they have a high regard for and an excellent impression of IBA. This credibility has, however, to be maintained. It’s not to be complacent about! Otherwise intense competition would create difficult challenges. And that’s the reason why guards have been changed. The induction of Dr. Ishrat Hussain is the most important step in this direction. He is known to be a very effective leader; a change agent. Lots of hopes are pinned down on him.

What IBA needs now is to look after the very precious brand that has been built over so many years. There should be a Director Marketing looking after this brand. IBA should offer management consultancy to corporate Pakistan for Management Excellence. This would help consolidate IBA’s image in the business segment and provide its faculty the real on-the-job experience to be shared with students later in the class room. It is not merely the ‘induction’ of PhDs that will solve the issues and quality of education. All foreign universities and their PhDs are working with the industry to bring change in the quality of business and life. Visiting faculty therefore contribute a lot in this direction.

Seminars every fortnight on relevant topics may be held, with announcements in newspapers. These may, for instance, be on the implications of the annual country budget, ways of curbing inflation new management techniques in motivating and inspiring employees, sharing leadership, clutter in advertising and how to overcome it, buzz and stealth marketing, Freud’s marketing implications etc. etc. you name it… Announcements in the newspapers are vital, as this would be IBA’s promotion.

An IBA corporate magazine should be doled out to the business industry every quarter. And off course it needs lots of publicity!
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  2. Syed Mohammad Arif Says:

    There are two possible thought streams that I can very well tap if we talk about IBA (and yes we do talk about IBA often).

    Considering the overall state of affairs of this poverty striken politically deprived developing country of ours, the level IBA has achieved since its inception is almost exceptional. The potential of students and teachers of IBA has no issues either. The only thing which I feel necessary for the further development of IBIANS is the inculcation of application of theory in our local economy and conditions. This is incumbant on both teachers and students to become more visionary and get excellent understanding of our culture and societal structure. Only then we will be able to appreciate reality in a more holistic manner. Hence making effective decisions to excell worlwide.

    The second Stream of thought is of comparing IBA with each and every business school worldwide. This will make us little gloomy because ” it takes the whole nation to teach a child”.

    For concluding my argument I would say that IBA is one of the best in our country. It is now up to us IBIANS to make it one of the best in the world through our best efforts, sincerity, vision and passion to succeed.


  3. random Says:

    ^ it would help if IBAIANs actually had some electricity to work with on campus

  4. Jasera Says:

    Akhtar Mahmood, the Brand Guru! He’s right ofcourse…

  5. Random II Says:

    Disciples of Akhtar tell me that he insists that brands should use vulgarity to gain attention of audience.

    Drawing from this should we not include pictures of bare-backed humans in the prospectus?

  6. umair Says:

    everyone has done great job here but to random II i can only say that your immaturity is very much drooling out from your comment. I think IBA needs to get rid of people like you whose mind only sees one side of the picture which is to me immature, baby like and not at all consistent with the brand image of IBA. An institute is supposed to be a democratic place that opens your mind up to everything existing in the world so you chose whats correct for you and this kind of behavior shows your kiddish schema and thats all

  7. Ibrahim Traore Says:

    J’aime IBA et tout la reste de la grr

  8. Ibrahim Traore Says:


  9. sadiaali807 Says:

    IBA most leading institute in pakistan. akhter mehmood you done a v-good job.

  10. parisajaved Says:

    It is not uncommon to find entrepreneurs, practicing managers, government employees and technocrats all attending these programs.

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