The holiday confusion on first mid term


First there is news that there is a holiday then there is news that the govt took back the decision then follows uncertainity on what will be IBA’s decision.

This has happened before and will continually happen in the future unless the University comes up with a solution to address the problem. I would suggest that IBA has a website it is not at all being used to any potential. The news that should be up there should also concern such events and IBA’s decision.

Another suggestion would be to use the live ID’s that have been given to the students. To email them regarding the decision.

Another suggestion could be to have a partnership with either Ammana or Chopaal and have student registration and to use their network to send out messages to the existing students.

There should be some authentic source which can let the students know, cause frankly speaking this CR calling up concerned parties or the GS calling up people to find out whats going on and then telling it to ppl and to forward the message is becoming archaic. Needs to remodelled.


3 Responses to “The holiday confusion on first mid term”

  1. The holiday confusion on first mid term | Tea Break Says:

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  2. Tyler Dudun. Says:

    Whats the use of IBA website if the management doesnt know how to use it.

  3. criticiba Says:

    i guess its more of a show. they really dont know much about web 2.0 and the effectiveness of its use

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