Placement office controversy


There are reports circulating for quite sometime now that the placement office is itself putting on the MBA/BBA restrictions in the job ads. A call to an MNC recently resulted in the disparency  coming to light when they denied that they asked specifically for MBAs.

The placement office is renowned for helping the fresh graduates of the institute of business administration to get into good places and is working as it is. Considering the number of students graduating its doing a fairly decent job . Still it does leave a lot required on its part.

The job seminars leave a lot required. The no effort on part of the placement office to educate the industry about the difference of the Four Year Bachelor program puts a lot of hurdles. The mail system although appears to be the way to go, where you have to sign up for the updates to get the mail could be developed into a website where the jobs can be posted and IBA graduates can benefit from them.

what do you guys think?


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4 Responses to “Placement office controversy”

  1. Alina Says:

    This is a little off topic but here goes:

    The students who want to start an evening MBA after doing their 4 yr bachelors now require a SIX month work experience. This is a policy change from last year’s requirement of FIVE months experience and this means that anyone who has not started working by July 1 cannot start the evening MBA in Jan. Imran ul Haq has changed this policy himself but not bothered informing the graduating batch about this policy change. There are a lot of people in the BBA class who want to do an evening MBA and are still looking for jobs or will be starting work sometime in July and thanks to the placement office they will be unable to do so.

  2. criticiba Says:

    I dont think its off topic.

  3. criticIBA2 Says:

    In addition to that, the placement office is only sending CVs to the employers on their I an MIS BBA grad applied for a finance job (or 5-month project), and not for some IS related, and have a finance majors, the placement office sends the CV for the IS job only…despite the fact that students are asked to clearly mention wat post are they applying for….in addition to that, can anyone tell me how many of the CCS students got employed(job and project both) this year through placement office, compared to the non-CCS ones???… i dunno why the hell is this discrimination…didnt CCS students have equall rights lik non-CCS….arent they also IBAites??? I think there is some serious problem with the program office…they dont answer…they dont followup on the ads…they just cant do anything…except for adding to the IBA resources getting wasted!!!! (i am restraining myself from being abusive….due to the policy in practice here)

  4. ABC Says:

    Imran ul Haque is a retard. His complacency cost our first batch of 4 years BBA a lot. The criterion he sets for the jobs are shocking. His teaching on the top of it is pathetic. I was so pissed with him that I asked him to put me on 5 months placement before my MBA and when he put me on….I worked for a week and left just to embarrass Imran ul haque.

    Some of you might find this to be loser’s move but I have no regrets. Someone who knows a little better than that “physically and mentally” special person at the placement office would work out things well for everyone.


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