Farewells 2008


BASC held their farewell at uni campus.

BITS farewell will be held on May 18, 2008

ESF farewell – the student body is trying to get a date for the farewell approved.


3 Responses to “Farewells 2008”

  1. lime Says:

    and what a farewell it was =D

    themed arabian nights…glam decor…concert by CALL…need i say more!
    the BASC farewell was one of the most well organized enjoyable events of this year…in fact the work of this year’s BASC was simply outstanding throughout

  2. anonaak Says:

    well…I feel BITS put up a great farewell this year….it need to be appreciated…cuz in the prevailing circumstances at IBA city campus….despite all the problems BITS faced during the last 3 months or so….at times with the funds (whose end is still doubted)..and the problem to get the F***ING approval from some F***ING BA***RD…i would like to appreciate the efforts of the BITS and the BBA-MIS and BCS 6….they did a great job…the night club theme was terrific….good work guyz…n thanks a lot…

  3. criticiba Says:

    farewel 2008 was an awesome farewell

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