The student body budget problem


The student bodies went short on fund as the accounts department could not find the document which stated that the funds should be released to the student bodies in three installments 40-30-30, which was signed by the board. The old document was found, which stated that the student bodies funds would be released in two installments  50-50 . the second installment after external audit. So given this very new development, the student bodies only have 10% more funds with them.

Chances for farewell are bleak. very.

Seems like another conspiracy to halt events given that the elections were delayed, the societies were delayed, all events weren’t approved till very late, problems in every event were created, events were slaughtered and canceled at whim. but this is not a part of that. its slightly different.

the accounts dept has tried to contact Shahid mir to find a solution to the problem but he is unreachable to everyone. like even the accounts dept. Shahid mir also has not forwarded the copy of the constitution to the students nor has he oriented the student body members on how to conduct events. they have learnt on thier own and thru fines.


3 Responses to “The student body budget problem”

  1. farzal Says:

    as discussed, amaana can help. let me know

  2. GS Says:

    well the reason why the funding is said to be stopped is dat the external audit of IBA accounts hasnt been performed!!!!
    Now who is supposed to perform dat??

    VP? GS? Treasurer???

    i dont thnk so !

    it is the duty of the IBA admin to do dat!

    n in case dat hasnt been dun, why is the student body being deprived of the funds???

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