The good standing rule in the prospectus states

“Students are required to maintain discipline and good conduct & behavior during their studies at the IBA. A student shall be deemed to have lost good standing and consequently his/her name shall be dropped from the rolls of the Institute if his/her conduct and behavior is found objectionable from a disciplinary point of view.”

The rule is by far the most vague rules and is applied pretty widely. i know the statement is supposed to be general and all, but given the recent expulsions and suspension, a lot of students think that the Good Standing Rule should be more elaborative on what it encompasses.

Given the last few incidents the good standing rule encompasses:

1. Taking pictures inside the class without the teacher’s permission

2. Attempting to reschedule a class

3. Using abusive Language in class

4. Skidding in the car park

5. Cheating in examination.

6. Cell phone being present inside the examination hall



  1. farzal Says:

    kindly feel free to do #1, 2, 3 (via SMS) in my class.

    the others are beyond scope for me

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