Another OFF


IBA is off on April 04, 2008 like all other private , govt and semi govt university and institute on account of the barsi of Sheikh Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Shaheed.

Twitter should be used to give updates like these.


5 Responses to “Another OFF”

  1. criticiba Says:

    IBA should use Twitter( A lot of universities are using the service. They can use it to announce such holidays instead of the forward messages we got from like a lot of our friends.
    Twitter would be a more official response and would clear out all confusion.

    CRs could also use Twitter would be fast and cheap way to inform the class regarding various issues.

  2. criticiba Says:

    Twitter used in class room.

  3. criticiba Says:

  4. farzal Says:

    what about a local solution such as amaana?

  5. criticiba Says:

    isnt amaana only for money transfer. that would be asking paypal to do what googletalk does. just a comparison.
    but if amaana could develop something along those lines to facilitate mass msging which is not used for spamming could work.

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