Main Campus Beach Trip


The main campus beach trip is scheduled for tomorrow. The students are requested to reach the city campus by 9:00 a.m. sharp. It’s a surprise where we are going but it’s definitely not Gadani as one of the posters clarified! Turn up tomorrow and find out what it is!:)


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One Response to “Main Campus Beach Trip”

  1. Maryam Zahoor Says:

    I wonder how the bus trip to the beach would have been without all those songs and cheers. We warmed ourselves up in the points and after a long enjoyable trip arrived at our destination to be overwhelmed by the sight to the mighty sea.

    We got the same hut(along with its water shortage) we’d got last time. This time we saw some really creative sand castles and even a whole planned city architected by BBA 2s. The queues at the lunch tables seemed almost endless as ever but waiting for those yummy kababs, fried fish, biryani, kachoris . . . was really worth it. Scrumptious Kulfi and ‘gajar ka halwa’ followed. Volley ball was definitely the life of the trip for some, while there were others who spent the afternoon under the shades of tent with their friends playing cards.

    Though I always wonder why the BASC loves to conduct events just before midterms or finals, I attend them, forgetting that I have a pile of notes on my study table I have never touched and later drug myself with cups and cups of coffee to ‘burn the midnight oil’ in order to avoid probation!

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