Pepsi trying to move into IBA


well, guess who wants to come back into IBA. talks are underway . Pepsi used to dominate the IBA city campus till the counselling and networking society managed to get coke to hold a coke day and convert the campus to coke . i doubt pepsi would do anything like that but lets see. and there are talks of the canteen being moved upstairs and the current canteen being converted into a classroom


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3 Responses to “Pepsi trying to move into IBA”

  1. farzal Says:

    who fucking cares about what color magic water you drink? this is the most boring and commercial post of last couple of months. Get real.

  2. criticiba Says:

    yea, i know. nobody cares about the magic water but it makes a subtle difference to the canteen in terms of the sponsorship. Might see some infrastructure being built based on the sponsorship.
    the coke thing was an insight into history. more of a marketing angle to it.

  3. Ali Says:

    yeah i agree with criticiba….sir, have you ever been to the main campus’ canteen???…you’ll understand the difference between Coke-sponsored and Pepsi-sponsored…

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