mids always seem like finals because they stretch too long and you have to study so much for them.

i still feel its worse off for students. they miss out on the chance they have for keeping their GPA up.

i mean i heard three students missed out on their paper because they had a timetable mix up.  there is no back up for such mistakes. i know it seems fair, that the students should have known atleast their papers but sometimes things happen



2 Responses to “MIDS FEEL LIKE FINALS”

  1. Ayesha Says:

    What IBA doesnt understand is tht the students are also human beings. Its a hard fact to accept but its true.

    People get sick, people have family issues, people have everyday problems…those who live in Karachi can relate. But nooo…..IBA cant accept tht….Do they honestly believe tht someone would miss a paper on purpose…esp when there isnt a chance to make up?C’mon ppl…trust me if the same rules were to be applied on the admin n faculty….they wudnt last a day!!

    I mean three hourlies gave us a chance to make up for a paper if we messed up. People have emergencies they may tend to..the margin of the third hourly gave them this breathing space.

    College education is supposed to help prepare ppl for a well rounded life (dont get me started on the lack of facilities…dont even have a common room for girls for crying out loud!!)…professional life at tht too….someone shud tell tht to the admin….maybe with danny gone….life shall begin again.

  2. sid Says:

    ditto ayesha!!

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