truths about life in IBA

  1. lab tech guys will always be cheap
  2. you’ll always be dumbfounded in front of your crush
  3. the class will get canceled on the day that you come for that class only
  4. you will be late for the 8.30 class
  5. you will sleep in class
  6. the assignment will always be done after midnight.
  7. exam will have that very question you chose not to learn.

more to follow


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2 Responses to “truths about life in IBA”

  1. =) Says:

    8. the teachers will always be absent when their class is after a two and a half hour break.

    9. the great PCs in the lab will always put a virus on your usb.

    10. there will be nth good in the cafeteria to eat.

    11. you will hate all your teachers.

    12. you will be spending time with ppl at iba more than you spend with your family.

  2. Ali Says:

    13. printers will be out of order on da day u have to sbmit ur report…

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