The Signature Skid in the car park


On the afternoon January 29th 08 , we heard a very very loud screech. and now we see a Rs.2000 for breach of code of good conduct on campus.

here’s what i assume the driver’s version of it

” we started speeding up after we entered the gate.. the car was about 25 km/h when we were at the gate.. could have reached 60 or more when i took the first hand brakes.. no brakes.. a full swing.. on the right.. and midway thru the drift..a full swing on the left..this caused an “S” like shape marked by the rear wheels..the beauty of it was the wheels converging and diverging. everyone inside the car was shouting when i took the first cornering.. but by the second one. there was nothing but the radio .. deadly silence in the car .. to the rest of the world it seemed as if i had lost control.. but who has control in a drift . it was fun.. watching the drivers jump to escape.. and then watching everyone on their toes to see w.t.f happened!”

you could hear Umer Hayat telling everyone a slightly hyped up version of the story to everyone who would listen and telling how he took them to Khalili and how a fine was imposed.

anyways the driver got fined Rs. 2000/ for breach of code of good conduct. i have not seen the code of good conduct and i wonder what else falls under it or is it like a broad term and everything and anything can fall under that. and the guy sitting next to him got fined Rs.500/ for not producing the id card.

if we dont have events guess we’ll have to create them ourselves.


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