The new method of teaching


we have been criticizing the teachers for using old methods of teaching. they are implementing a new and innovative method of teaching, “the student recursive teaching method”. The details of this method are pretty dynamic. basically the students teach the students. its believed that this is the most effective method of teaching students. When the instructor and the students’ frequency match, only then can we impart maximum knowledge. So whats a faster way to match the frequency then to have the instructors from among the students.

the method in execution is easy. you point out a basic framework on the chapters that need to be covered. break the class up into groups of two. assign everyone chapters. and tell them to present to the class. at the end of the class, do a nice little wrap up discussion and the chapter is done. you could throw in a little exercise on the chapter and its all pretty much accomplished.

I mean the students are intelligent enough to teach themselves. the concept was iterated in the movie called “Accepted” . if it can happen in a movie it can happen in real life too. right??


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2 Responses to “The new method of teaching”

  1. L Barnes Says:

    I can see where this would work in some classes but would not work, in fact would fail disastrously, in others. This method is dependent on the students wanting to learn. In many cases, the students do NOT want to learn and will resist at every turn.

    My other concern with this method is that some concepts are so difficult that students would become frustrated and confused and wouldn’t be able to convey the information to their peers.

  2. Mahsan Entezar Says:

    I suppose that we cant do it for teching second language.

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