So on Sunday instead of snuggling in nice warm blankies we make towards the campus they have painted dirty dark pink (I claim the color as Dink. For it being dirty, dark, and the campus dean and director being Danishmand.) well, the roll call again, and we attend to it. Sitting through one boring lecture after another. By now the body is used to the seat so sleep comes naturally. Morning tea doesn’t do much. Reports of fines run amok and then slowly vanish as the day moves along. Akhter Kamal spoke about how people could go to Australia and study instead of his designated topic. He could have chosen how to help the power shortage problem in Pakistan but apparently nabbing students for Australia was a better alternative. The humor that had the audi in laugh in the opening ceremony was a bit dry too. The only speaker who made an impact was Naeem Zamindar from Mobilink. The Venture Capitalist on the lookout for potentially great start up. He talked about his life , his journey, the mobilink story and how we can just change the face of web in Pakistan with web apps. Made me think for a while. He talked of people coming out of LUMS and launching startups that he’s funding. Why don’t we have something from IBA… Cause they aren’t teaching us to think free. The education here is doing more to restrict growth to a set path rather than taking risks and making a worthwhile change out in the real world.

Then we had the guest of honor to close the ceremony. Sindh Caretaker Minister for Information Technology, Environment, Alternative Energy, Mines and Mineral Development Jam Karam Ali. My apologies but the minister could not link up two sentences in English let alone talk about ICICT and how conferences like these are really going to help us as a nation or even inspire. He kept on talking how he would be available to answer any questions through out his speech and how students can approach him and ask him questions and how willing he is to answer the questions put forward and that it is a very good conference and how Information technology is critical for the progress and prosperity of any nation[The News], nothing else. I wonder what the speechwriter wrote . And after finishing his speech and the awards being handed out I just saw him rushing out without answering any questions. Talk about going back on your word as soon as you say it.

The conference ended. And guest left. Students were told they would have to sit through another roll call which was a bluff and they called it as soon as guests were out of sight and at the pleas of MOCs that students have been through enough. Skip the roll call.


So the so called delusionally successful international conference came to an end. We don’t have any fat ladies singing to mark the end. That’s sad too.


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2 Responses to “I SEE ICICT WOES – DAY 2”

  1. farzal Says:

    This event should have given A LOT of exposure to some of the students.

    The fact that you didn’t find it useful, and knowing you a little bit, is a bit disappointing.

    To get the students to attend and not spend the day sleeping on crampy chairs, what would have been your alternate?

  2. criticiba Says:

    Compulsory attendance should have been avoided.
    we were not at all the right target audience what was being told was too technical, which held no value to me, or so mundane that we were wondering what did the author of the paper do cause we know that already. Me with my phyiscs background might understand the implication of a gyroscope conduction in the processor, but others who havent touched science for past seven years might as well have been listening to japanese in there.

    My alternative would have been a two day marketing conference or a two day finance conference which a lot of people would have been happy to be a part of. The conference should have held relevance, this one was a mere stunt to show that we have a computer department. nothing more than that.

    If IBA still wanted to go ahead with the ICICT, then call people from FAST, KU computer science dept, NED CS dept, Sir Syed University. Make it open to all these universities as well.

    political parties give money to people to attend their rallies, IBA did something just like that.

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