If I say, this time election in the executive side has been the most tensed. Each candidate trying to out do each other or do each other in. high level of campaigning before the notices were up to show the talent of event management. Those who didn’t tried to get the administration to put a ban on such events, and call for a subsequent disqualifications in case of breach of conduct. All in all, one of the bloody competitive election I have seen based on the fact that each candidate was strong in their own sense. (I am talking only about the vice-presidents over here, the general secretary war was also being waged but on a slightly lower scale. The treasurer war was almost unheard of)


On the day of elections, in the executive block, one of the three candidates (again, the VPs), was disqualified based on the fact that there were uncleared checks from his previous tenure.


What followed was an uproar, the ardent fans of the disqualified candidate were going to restrain themselves from exercising their right to vote on the vice president (they were told not to do that, part of the immediate revenge). The votes were shifted to one side, while a petition was signed. Now, there is this really nice tradition of petitions in IBA. They mean , and I mean Shit to the administration. If you take 600 signatures saying we want a concert (as done by the last student body), the administration (read in this case big  D) will say I don’t care what you want. So all in all, just a waste of paper, and a lot of ink used to sign the paper.


Anyways, coming back to the voting, which took place without a student representative from the previous body, and was conducted almost immediately after putting up of the listing of the candidates. During the votes people were told that this certain candidate has been disqualified, which was followed by a flurry of text messages, telling faithful voters where to vote (yea, we call this democracy, same through out Pakistan. The voters are not intelligent enough to make the decision on their own.)


So all voting done. Everybody is waiting for the counting to begin. Guess who stands up. The disqualified candidate, and guess what he asks for proof. Probably, some sensible idiot told him that proof was required to disqualify him or something. So, he has the counting stopped and well, asks for proof for the uncleared checks. Now, to say, no one, except the student body itself and the concerned party to whom the student body owes the check to knows about the checks. The Student councilor doesn’t know about the checks unless he is told about it. So, technically speaking there can be no proof, unless the candidate has actually turned the uncleared check related documents to the student councilor which would be stupidity if you have uncleared checks and you would turn in the documents that could incriminate you.


So what happens now, a committee will sit and decide what to do about this.

 This seems sheer stupidity, on part of the administration, where the disqualification took place without proof and that too just moments before the voting. Now, they should realize that any sort of decision which they take moments before the voting (referring to the previous decision of postponing the election), can turn out to be actually bad, in all senses. I mean just-in-time approach applies in supply chain management but surely not in the democratic process where nothing goes into thinking. And the question remains, whether the disqualification was in terms with the student body constitution or whether it was even referred to during this election.


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