So we are in the lab, the other day and the teacher asks the lab attendant to attach her laptop to the projector. He tries everything and anything after attaching the cord and the screen just would turn on. Now after like two three minutes, guess what the other lab attendant whispers. “leave it, tell her the multimedia doesn’t connect laptops” and the first lab attendant says “ this projector has a problem, it has not been working with laptops for the past few days”. Now you can talk about feeding the teacher a load of crap , but this was insane. So I get up and take a look at the laptop and guess what. he had not even bothered turning it on. Let alone shift the screen to dual mode. The teacher had asked them to install a certain program on the systems in the lab but that didn’t take place and they kept coming up with various excuses for the delay. I wonder where is IBA getting its human resource from. Instead of helping the students they usually sit around and do nothing than chat among themselves. But that doesn’t mean that every time they do that, sometimes you would see

The other day I heard a student complaining about the lab staff snooping in on conversations taking place on the network. I wonder how secure the network is in IBA. So next time you chatting on msn messenger, just keep in mind that your conversations aren’t as secure as you think they are


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