Sheba Shamsi : “You people are making so much noise that i am seriously thinking of leaving IBA and going to LUMS.They have sent me a letter inviting me to come.”

Mirza: “Miss as a teacher ya phir as a student?”


at other times these words were spoken

1.Don’t be aloud
2.Your lack of seriousness really makes me offended
3.My young, strong,energetic boys
4.I keep my words
5.Write annomous letters, but tell me who wrote them


Sheba : “Did you do your assignment Murtaza?”
Murtaza: ” no, ma’am”
Sheba: “Why not?”
Murtaza: “I was busy, my brother was visiting frm isb. [ or something along these lines]”
Sheba: “What?? The DOG ATE your assignment??”



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